Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garbage Truck to Lloyminster

"Took this garbage truck to Lloydminster today - I managed to merge a picture, to show both sides of the truck - it's a residental truck, which has steering on both the left and right hand side - this allows the operator to collect garbage from both side of the street."

Highway 16 East To Lloydminster - RV BQQ!

"Spotted this on the highway to Lloydminster today - poor guys RV got totally burned - it was an inferno by the time I was there, and the first police car had just arrived - a total loss, as you can see by the last picture, was totally engulfed in flames!"

Kemworth from West Edmonton to Nisku

"Painted by our shop - personally, not even close to my favourite colour!"

Peterbilt from KalTire from West Edmonton to East Edmonton